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Broadly speaking, culture is the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created in the process of human history; the narrow sense, culture is a social ideology and the organization and system. And enterprise culture is the enterprise in the production practice, gradually formed, with identity for all employees, and comply with the characteristics of the organization's mission, vision, purpose and spirit, values and business philosophy, and embodies the sum of these ideas in the external image production practice management system, employee behavior and enterprise the. It is different from the cultural nature of culture and education, scientific research, military and so on.

Corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise, is the inexhaustible motive force to promote enterprise development. It contains a very rich content, its core is the spirit and values of the enterprise. The values here are not the various cultural phenomena in the management of enterprises, but the values held by employees in enterprises or enterprises in the production and management of commodities. Suzhou Tai Jin Food Co., Ltd. "quality, environment, construction safety" purpose of the integrated management system, the company: integrity, pragmatic, innovation, win-win corporate slogan: build a quality system culture, create quality charm and soul.
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Suzhou Taijin into food co.,LTD,founded in 1993,is a production and processing of aquatic products enterprise invested by japanese.Company is mainly engaged in river clam breeding, production and processing,exported to Japan ,South Korea and domestic. To get faster and better development, the company in 2004 invested in suzhou city economic devlopment zone,the aquatic product processing factory.specializling in aquatic products processing, the sale and the decelopment of series products, the factory covers an area of 20000 squara meters,has a production building, each a complex building, and all kinds of auxilities facilities. In June 2005, the company achieved “exit aquatic animals enterprise registration certificate”,in April 2006, “the health of the People’s Republic of China registration certificate”,in January 2008, “national industrial products permit”,at the same time, through the HACCP food safety management system certification “EC-1”,2009,was awarded as “agricultural leading enterprise “by suzhou cite development and reform commission (NDRC). Now the main products are :living clam,clam,taihu series such as frozen products, frozen neosalanx taihuensis and vacuum packaging clam,clam juice, finishing, frozen cooked clams whitebait,flexible packaging products, bottled series products and so on,at the same time undertake foregin processing business,proucts are mainly exported to Japan,Korea and other countries.

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