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Scientific research shows that aquatic products have strong health care function

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 Any of various marine animals, marine plants, microorganisms, including marine animals, including invertebrates and vertebrates. Invertebrates include snails and shellfish. Any of various fishes and large marine animals, such as whale, shark, etc. Marine organisms are rich in digestible proteins and amino acids. The nutritional value of food protein mainly depends on the composition of amino acid, protein content of aquatic organisms in marine fish, shellfish, shrimp, crab and other rich, rich in the human body of the 9 essential amino acids, especially lysine content more than plant food is much higher, and is easy to be absorbed by the body.

 According to the latest survey data, there are more than 1580 kinds of marine life in china. One of the animals (that is, we usually say shellfish) up to 513, followed by the seaweed of the 358 species, crustaceans (mainly commonly referred to as the shrimp, crab), and other types of rare species of 308. In China, the number of species of coastal mudflat is the same as that of marine organisms, which is increasing from north to south. Through the study of marine organisms, it is found that there are many kinds of biological active substances in the body, and the function is unique, which is reflected in the health care function.

 Brain function: in aquatic products containing active substances to improve intelligence, intelligence, such as kelp in iodine, zinc in oyster, fish and shellfish in the protein, DHA, are the essential substances of brain puzzle. Research reports: "human ancestors because of taking fish based aquatic products, so that the brain gradually developed." Japanese children's IQ is higher than children in Europe and the United states." And confirmed that the main material is DHA. Therefore, fish oil products are popular in the world.

 Blood pressure regulating function: can adjust blood pressure of the marine resources have seaweed, jellyfish and shrimp and crab type poly amino polysaccharide extract. Eat kelp, jellyfish can be reduced pressure has been known around the coast of the masses, seaweed alginate, mannitol have a significant role in regulating blood pressure. The experiment proved that the jellyfish has antihypertensive effect of coelenterate animal significantly, jellyfish is considered to be the most effective antihypertensive natural food.

 Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: fish oil, terpenes, seaweed and other marine active substances can better prevent cardiovascular disease. Such as fish oil containing highly unsaturated fatty acids, has many physiological functions, mainly inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, reduce blood viscosity, increase blood flow, reduce LDL levels, increased high-density lipoprotein levels and reduce blood triglyceride and cholesterol content of three, therefore, can protect the normal function of heart the blood vessels, reduce the incidence of the disease, is health food for preventing and curing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases of the effective. In addition, a variety of seaweed polysaccharides, but also lower cholesterol, reduce blood viscosity, therefore, the active ingredient in seaweed, is also an important marine resources to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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